Changes to Church Service Schedule due to Coronavirus

By order of the Mayor of Austin, Travis county is under Shelter in Place restrictions until April 13.  This prohibits us from having meetings of any size.

Watch for updates to the schedule as we approach the end of the Shelter in Place period.

Our services will be live streamed here:

2020 Sunday School Lenten Kickoff

2020 Lenten Kickoff

On Forgiveness Sunday, March 1, 2020,  we had a special Lenten Kickoff Sunday School Project.  We built a prayer chain with loops made from construction paper, and with the Jesus Prayer written on each loop.  Every day between now and Pascha, we will remove one loop and pray the prayer.

After making the prayer chains, we wrote a prayer on a piece of paper, tied it to a balloon, and then went outside to release our prayers to God – a physical way to experience the spiritual reality of our prayers soaring upward.

2020 Theophany / Visit of Metropolitan Jonah

2020 Theophany