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Tower of Babel

As usual, we started our class with the Lord’s prayer. But it sounded like this: “Pater Noster, иже еси на небесех! Hallowed be Thy name. Adveniat regnum Tuum.” etc. Kids were very quiet and had surprised looks on their faces. I asked them whether they liked me to pray this way, whether it was easy to follow and understand the familiar prayer. They honestly told me that they didn’t like it at all and, although they knew the prayer in Church Slavonic and in English, it was difficult to follow. They also had no idea what the third language was and it made the prayer even more confusing.

So we began the lesson on the Tower of Babel. I introduced the story, using the Orthodox Bible Reader for children and we began our discussion of the event. To demonstrate what was happening in the story more vividly I began to tell the kids what a good cook I am and how well I can bake cookies, so that people ask for more, and ask to share a recipe, and give me tons of complements on my great baking skills. Immediately kids realized that I was boasting. It was neither beautiful, nor pleasant for the listeners. I pointed out that when we talk loudly about our good deeds or good grades at school, we are being prideful and show off. God does not want us to be this way. He wants us to be humble and glorify Him with everything we say or do.

At the end of the lesson the kids built their own towers of Babel out of fruit, using the plates with greetings in different languages written on them. Other supplies were baking sticks and toothpicks to hold the fruits together. After finishing the individual fruit towers, the kids had a team project and built a tower for our priest, Fr. Aidan. They were a great team! They built the tallest and most stable tower, working together.


Tower of Babel

April 8: Lazarus Saturday Kids Activities

Holy Protection’s Sunday School is going to have some activities for kids on Lazarus Saturday, April 8, right after the Divine Liturgy. The Divine Liturgy begins at 9:30am.

We will start with a modified version of the “Hot potato” game (Here are instructions for the game) in which the kids will have an opportunity to get back into the game. We will tie their anticipation of getting back into the game with the hope and faith in resurrection.

Older students will present a skit on the death and resurrection of St. Lazarus. The fun part for the younger group is unwrapping the Lazarus (Jesus said: “Unbind him and let him go”)!Our Martha (and Mary) will serve the cookies (“lazarki”) and fruit at the end and everyone will get a scroll with a prize.

Please come and join us. We pray that this will be a meaningful experience for everyone, while providing our kids a fun way to learn.

UPDATE (Apr. 2, 2017):

The kids are busy preparing to present their performance of the Raising of Lazarus!

2017 Lazarus Saturday Kids Performance Practice

UPDATE (Apr. 8, 2017):

Thank you to everyone who participated in today’s activities following after the Liturgy.  The kids had fun playing the “hot potato” game.  The actors had fun re-enacting the raising of Lazarus, and the parents and other children had fun watching.  And the snack time afterwards was a beautiful time visiting together.

Lazarus Saturday 2017

Noah’s Big Job

Lesson # 8

After a brief review of the previous lessons, we talked about the Flood. I mentioned how the first step of disobedience led to sin and later it resulted in even a worse sin of murdering. I took a stuffed dog and asked kids whether that dog would be happy living with a person, being fed and cared for. Then I put the dog into the closet and said that it ran away. We discussed what the dog’s life would be like without anyone caring for it. We all agreed it would be hard and not very pleasant. The same is true for our lives without our Heavenly Father taking care for us. I told the kids that by sinning people were separating themselves from God more and more. Finally, they were washed off from the earth, except for righteous Noah and his family. After the Flood the human history was started anew.

During the second part of the class we made a rocking Noah’s Ark. The craft turned out beautiful. Look for yourself.

Noah's Arks