2018 Sunday School Fall Schedule

Sep 2 – Overview of the last semester Sunday School Studies. Bridge from the Book of Jonah to the Book of Judith.

Sep 9 – Judith: Resilience through Faithfulness.
God protects and delivers.

Sep 16 – Esther: Stand with Courage

Sep 23 – Introduction to the Book of Tobit.
St. Athanasius the Great: “Every catechumen has to read the Book of Tobit, the pearl of spiritual knowledge”

Sep 30 – The usage of The Book of Tobit in the early church.
“Blessed are the Merciful”: like Father like Son

Oct 7 – Maccabees: Book 1

Oct 14 – Church’s Feast Day.
Under the omophor: the history of the Feast Day and special children’s activities.

Oct 21 – Maccabees: Book 2

Oct 28 – Maccabees: Book 3

Nov 4 – The Book of Job: “Blessed be the name of the Lord” (1:21)
Lesson # 1. Suffering through Trials

Nov 11 – Lesson # 2.
What it takes to be a Good Friend

Nov 18 – Lesson #3.
How much it may cost to remain faithful to the end.

Nov 25 – The Proverbs of Solomon and their use in the church services.

Dec 2 – Without God, all life is vanity.
The Book of Ecclesiastes

Dec 9 – The Wisdom of Solomon as a preparation for the Advent of Christ

Dec 16 – Jesus ben Sirach: “Blessed, joyful reverence of God is the beginning of knowing Him” (1:11-20)

Dec 23 & 30Christmas Break. No classes

Jan 6 – Christmas Pageant