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Mar. 10, 2018 Good deed to plant a spiritual seed

Thank you to all the parents who came with their kids to help clean up the church grounds.  It was fun and hard work.  Thank you Father Aidan for teaching the children about the increased disciplines that children should have during Great Lent: obedience, not talking much, helping parents and others, being extra polite, not watching much television, and extra prayer with prostrations.

Good deed to plant a spiritual seed

Sunday School during Lent 2018

On the Second Sunday of Lent, we commemorate St. Gregory Palamas.  The boys made Mr. Lent and the girls Lady Lent. Dots around the icon of St. Gregory Palamas represent a prayer rope. Hesychasts are know for their Jesus prayer. Because they were silence keepers our Lenten dolls have no mouths. Their eyes are shut to avoid distractions of the world and to focus on prayer.
Sunday School during Lent 2018