Register to Attend Church Services

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The Church is now open to limited indoor attendance WITH spacing.

A maximum of 23 people may attend (Saturday Liturgies, only 12). Inside the church, distancing is observed. Outdoors there is no limit to attendance, and you can receive Holy Communion on the porch.

Because singers and altar servers stand in their own places, they do not register.

The most important thing is: If you are sick please stay home and recover, and let us know so that we can pray for you.

Visit the Service Registration Calendar to register a place for your family.

Your financial support is still needed

Though we are not meeting in person, your financial support is still needed. Please continue to give your regular donations.

Checks can be mailed; just make your donation check payable to “Holy Protection Church” and mail it to:

Holy Protection Church
1701 Peridot Rd
Pflugerville, TX  78660-8139

You can also use the following to send your donations:

Livestreamed Services

Our services (in English with some portions in Russian) will be live streamed here:


Tips from Fr. Aidan on watching streamed (or recorded) services:
1. Before the streamed (or recorded) video, take care of personal needs. Turn off devices which can distract. Dress nicely, just as if you were going to church.
2. Set the device among your icons (or place icons around the device). Once service begins, stand reverently and as much as possible participate physically, crossing, bowing, praying and singing along.
3. During any Communion time, sip some holy water and say the prayers you usually say then (if nothing else, the Jesus Prayer).
4. If you would have gone to confession at a service, make a list of sins and read it aloud to God in repentance, asking His forgiveness.