Arrival of Holy Fire and Visit from Archbishop Peter

Fr. Deacon Nicholas Park of St. Nicholas Church (McKinney-Dallas) arrives at Holy Protection (Pflugerville-Austin, Texas) with the Holy Fire from Jerusalem, Sunday, May 14, 8:40 a.m. Fr. Aidan (Keller) comes out of the altar to greet the Holy Light. Servers Nicholas and Justin are also shown, and a portion of guest server Demetry.

And thank you, Fr. Seraphim Holland, for letting us borrow your deacon for our Hierarchical Liturgy with Abp. Peter of Chicago and Mid-America (ROCOR).

The Holy Light or Blessed Fire of Jerusalem, displayed for veneration and for access by the faithful, May 14, 8:45 a.m.  This perpetual flame will remain in the church.  From now on, every candle and every lampada will be lit exclusively from the Holy Fire. CHRIST IS RISEN! XB!

Arrival of Holy Fire from Jerusalem

The welcoming committee, so to speak: from left to right: Vlada Melnichuk, Yaroslav, Julia Melnichuk, starosta Sergei Larin, treasurer Julia Gavrilova. The Archbishop is greeted with the traditional bread and salt. The little cup in the top of the bread contains the salt.

The greeting inside the church at the door. From left to right, Fr. Christopher Allen (Sts. Joachim and Anna, San Antonio); Fr. Aidan (Keller), rector of Holy Protection; server Justin Haynes, server Nicholas Falkowski; Vladyka. In the back are visible Andrew (choir director) and Katherine McGinnis.

Entrance prayers led by Vladyka Peter. Fr. Deacon Nicholas Park; ‘subdeacon’ Justin; Vladyka, Fr. Hieromonk Aidan, rector; server Vladimir; Fr. Christopher Allen; ‘subdeacon’ Chris Falkowski (John); and Fr. Cassian Sibley.

Archbishop Peter's Visit May 2017