Bethlehem Village Field Trip

Father Aidan, Sunday School teachers, parents, and children went to the Bethlehem Village in Burnet.  We experienced a historical reenactment of the village of Bethlehem on the evening of Christ’s birth.  The actors in the reenactment performed the common lives of people during that time: blacksmith, merchants, craftsmen, bakers (the bread was very tasty), as well as the tax collection which motivated Joseph to go to Bethlehem.  Roman Centurions were nearby to take any unwilling tax payers to jail, and to quiet the shepherds who were excitedly telling about their having seen angels with a message about the birth of the Savior.  In a remote part of the village there was a cave occupied by animals, Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, and shepherds who had come to see the thing that was told to them by the angels.  A large star was suspended above the cave.


Bethlehem Village 2017