Sunday School

Spring Semester Schedule

January 20 — Hosea, the prophet of mercy

January 27 — Amos, who became famous before God

February 3 — Micah: “Act justly… love mercy… walk humbly with God” (Mic. 6:8)

February 10 — Joel, the prophet of Pentecost

February 17 — Obadiah: “The Kingdom shall be the Lord’s” (Obad. 1:21)

February 24 — Nahum, the sequel to Jonah

March 3 — Habakkuk and St. Paul (Gal. 3:11, Rom. 1:17)

March 10 — Zephaniah: “…and they will worship Him, each one from his place, even all the islands of the nations” (Zeph. 2:11)

March 17 — Haggai: “My house is desolate while each of you hurries to his own house” (Hag. 1:9).

March 24 — Malachi: worship faithfully

March 31 — Zechariah and the theology of angels

April 7 — Isaiah: “Send me!”

April 14 — With hope for repentance and restoration: the Lamentations of Jeremiah

April 20 — Lazarus Saturday special activities

April 21 — Palm Sunday procession, no class

April 28 — Pascha

May 5 — Jeremiah: “Oh Lord, teach me and I’ll know.”

May 12 — Daniel and the king’s dreams

May 19 — Sunday School Showdown

May 26 — Final class, Showdown recap

2018 Christmas Pageant Rehearsals

Christmas Pageant Rehearsals have begun!  Please join us after Sunday School.  If you do not have a role in the Pageant, you can still participate in the choir.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to come.

2018 Christmas Pageant Rehearsals

Tree of Gratitude

As we began to study the book of Job,  who in a short amount of time went from being Job the righteous to Job the longsuffering, we learn from the example of the saint how under any circumstances we can be faithful to God and have gratitude that God does not abandon us.