Sunday School

Youth Chess Club

We have a Youth Chess Club that meets on the 3rd Sunday of each month in the evening.  If you would like more information, contact Olga Falkowski (

Children’s Offering Box

In our Sunday School we are not only teaching our children the stories from the Bible and how we should live, we are also giving them the opportunity to practice the things we learn.  We have a Children’s Offering box in which our children can practice giving to  help the Church.  We encourage parents to send some coins with their children so that they will be able to put them into the Offering Box during class.



2018 Sunday School Fall Schedule

Sep 2 – Overview of the last semester Sunday School Studies. Bridge from the Book of Jonah to the Book of Judith.

Sep 9 – Judith: Resilience through Faithfulness.
God protects and delivers.

Sep 16 – Esther: Stand with Courage

Sep 23 – Introduction to the Book of Tobit.
St. Athanasius the Great: “Every catechumen has to read the Book of Tobit, the pearl of spiritual knowledge”

Sep 30 – The usage of The Book of Tobit in the early church.
“Blessed are the Merciful”: like Father like Son

Oct 7 – Maccabees: Book 1

Oct 14 – Church’s Feast Day.
Under the omophor: the history of the Feast Day and special children’s activities.

Oct 21 – Maccabees: Book 2

Oct 28 – Maccabees: Book 3

Nov 4 – The Book of Job: “Blessed be the name of the Lord” (1:21)
Lesson # 1. Suffering through Trials

Nov 11 – Lesson # 2.
What it takes to be a Good Friend

Nov 18 – Lesson #3.
How much it may cost to remain faithful to the end.

Nov 25 – The Proverbs of Solomon and their use in the church services.

Dec 2 – Without God, all life is vanity.
The Book of Ecclesiastes

Dec 9 – The Wisdom of Solomon as a preparation for the Advent of Christ

Dec 16 – Jesus ben Sirach: “Blessed, joyful reverence of God is the beginning of knowing Him” (1:11-20)

Dec 23 & 30Christmas Break. No classes

Jan 6 – Christmas Pageant