Show God’s Love: St. Nicholas Party, Dec. 16, 11:30am

Why have a party celebrating St. Nicholas?  To use this great Saint, whose goodness and generosity grew out of his love for God, to promote alms-giving, a virtue that not only helps those around us but is very helpful to our own souls.

St. Nicholas, out of love for God and a desire to imitate Him, showed love to others by helping them.  During this season where acts of charity abound, it is important for us to follow St. Nicholas’ example – strive to imitate God by showing love to others and helping them.  This is how we prepare ourselves and our children to meet the Lord at His birth.

Father Aidan will start the party with an opening prayer. Then each kid will go, buy, and light a candle, asking St. Nicholas to intercede for the poor people whom he loves so much.

Then we will make kits for poor people that we might encounter in the streets. We will decorate a card with an icon of St. Nicholas on it and put it in the kit.

While the children are making kits for the poor we will read the life of St. Nicholas to them and talk about how they feel about giving and receiving gifts.

We will play the St. Nicholas Coin Toss game, sing Christmas carols, drink wassail, and eat fast-friendly cookies and fruits.

Join us in sharing love and joy with the church family and the world.

Wed, Dec 13, Liturgy at St. Andrew’s, Lockhart, Tx

Wednesday, December 13, 9:00am – 10:30am, is the inaugural Liturgy at St. Andrew the First-Called Orthodox Church in Lockhart, Texas, about an hour from most of Austin. This is a new parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. The rector is priest Ignatius Lozano, whom the faithful at Holy Protection know. Join us and help us establish this new church which is the only Orthodox church within an hour’s drive.

Location: 205 B S. Main St., Lockhart, TX 78644

There will be no Liturgy at Holy Protection this day.

Bethlehem Village Field Trip

Father Aidan, Sunday School teachers, parents, and children went to the Bethlehem Village in Burnet.  We experienced a historical reenactment of the village of Bethlehem on the evening of Christ’s birth.  The actors in the reenactment performed the common lives of people during that time: blacksmith, merchants, craftsmen, bakers (the bread was very tasty), as well as the tax collection which motivated Joseph to go to Bethlehem.  Roman Centurions were nearby to take any unwilling tax payers to jail, and to quiet the shepherds who were excitedly telling about their having seen angels with a message about the birth of the Savior.  In a remote part of the village there was a cave occupied by animals, Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, and shepherds who had come to see the thing that was told to them by the angels.  A large star was suspended above the cave.


Bethlehem Village 2017