Lazarus “Hot Potato” Game Instructions

The game is a “pass the Lazarus cookie” (instead of “potato”) game.  Here is how to prepare and play the game.

In advance, prepare several “Lazarus cookies” as follows: Wrap up a Lazarus cookie with a napkin.  Then wrap some other treat like a couple of jelly bean candies as a second layer.  Repeat these additional layers a few times so that there are several layers of wrapped treats with a Lazarus cookie in the middle.  When you’re ready to play the game, first explain the rules to the kids: sit in groups of 4 or 5 kids in a circle.  Music (or the Lord’s Prayer, or the psalms, etc.) will be played.  While the music is playing, the Lazarus cookie should be passed around in the circle. When the music stops, whoever is holding the “Lazarus” unwraps one layer, eats the treat, and leaves the game. The game continues until all the layers are unwrapped. The last person who unwraps the cookie, gets to eat the cookie. Repeat this game as many times as you want.

When finished, as a special surprise call the kids back To a group again, and announce that there will be a bigger prize for every child (tie it with the blessing to glorify God in eternity) everyone gets a Lazarus cookie, also wrapped but not with layers of other treats. As Orthodox we are united in Christ as one body, pursuing our salvation (even the prayers we pray reflect it: “Glory to Thee, OUR God, glory to Thee”, “Come and abide in US, cleanse US from OUR impurities, and save OUR souls, O Good One”, “OUR Father”, etc. We also pray for the living and the departed, that is, for others, not exclusively for oneself). We are bound with the bonds of Christ’s love and with love to one another.

Also, talk about gaining eternity by losing our life for Christ’s sake (refer to Luke 9:24). It is beautiful and comforting truth that goes through the New Testament (“If we be dead with Him, we shall also live with Him” 2Tim. 2:11). Mention that life has a double meaning there: the natural and the spiritual, the temporal and the eternal.

Lazarus Cookies