Lazarus Saturday Kids’ Activities

What a fun and joyful experience we shared after the Lazarus Saturday Liturgy.  After discussing several icons of Lazarus’ resurrection, and highlighting some lessons that can be learned from various differences, we had a Review Question competition between the older and younger kids.  There were “hard” and “less hard” questions for each group.  The older group emerged victorious by 1 point.

After the discussion we played several games.  First we played the “Lazarus Hot Potato” game, won by Kolya Kashin.  Then we played the “Lazarus Wrap Race”.  And last we played the “Lazarus Jump In! Lazarus Jump Out!” game, won by Nicholas Falkowski.

After the games, several of the kids practiced making crosses from palm leaves.

We had a great group of 21 kids participating in the fun and educational activities.  Thank you all for sharing the afternoon and celebrating the feast with us.

2019 Lazarus Saturday Kids Activities