Noah’s Big Job

Lesson # 8

After a brief review of the previous lessons, we talked about the Flood. I mentioned how the first step of disobedience led to sin and later it resulted in even a worse sin of murdering. I took a stuffed dog and asked kids whether that dog would be happy living with a person, being fed and cared for. Then I put the dog into the closet and said that it ran away. We discussed what the dog’s life would be like without anyone caring for it. We all agreed it would be hard and not very pleasant. The same is true for our lives without our Heavenly Father taking care for us. I told the kids that by sinning people were separating themselves from God more and more. Finally, they were washed off from the earth, except for righteous Noah and his family. After the Flood the human history was started anew.

During the second part of the class we made a rocking Noah’s Ark. The craft turned out beautiful. Look for yourself.

Noah's Arks