News Updates

This coming weekend, we will have a Rdr’s Vespers service on Saturday evening, normal time 6pm.  And this Sunday, Divine Liturgy will be celebrated by Fr. Ignatius Lozano, at 9:30am.

Visit by Fr. Moses

On Tuesday, July 21, Father Aidan was reassigned to be a monk at Saints Sergius and Herman of Valaam Monastery in Michigan.  His last Liturgy with our Parish was Saturday, July 25.

Our Dean, Fr. John Whiteford, is our current Priest, and will continue to be our Priest until a new Priest is assigned to our Parish.

Fr. John will be bringing Fr. Moses McPherson to our Parish this weekend.  They will both be present for Vespers on Saturday.  And Fr. Moses will serve Liturgy on Sunday morning.

Fr. Moses is currently the Assistant Rector at St. Vladimir Orthodox Church ROCOR in Dexter Michigan.

All are welcome to come to Vespers and Liturgy this weekend to meet Fr. Moses.

2020 Sunday School Lenten Kickoff

2020 Lenten Kickoff

On Forgiveness Sunday, March 1, 2020,  we had a special Lenten Kickoff Sunday School Project.  We built a prayer chain with loops made from construction paper, and with the Jesus Prayer written on each loop.  Every day between now and Pascha, we will remove one loop and pray the prayer.

After making the prayer chains, we wrote a prayer on a piece of paper, tied it to a balloon, and then went outside to release our prayers to God – a physical way to experience the spiritual reality of our prayers soaring upward.