Sunday School

Our church has a Sunday School where we learn, play, create, and grow spiritually together.
Currently we have two groups: (1) pre-school / elementary school kids and (2) kids of middle / junior high school.
The school is spiritually guided by Fr. Aidan (Keller).
Children of the younger group study the main biblical people and events and the Law of God. However, Sunday school classes before the main feast days are dedicated to those feasts. The goal is to help children understand the meaning of the feasts and be fully engaged during the coming services.
In the future, by God’s grace, there is a hope to create a children’s church choir, participate in social projects, and to make pilgrimages to the nearby monasteries.
If you and your children are visiting our parish, please join our Sunday School classes and we will learn and have fun together!
Sunday School Photos
To volunteer for Sunday School, as a teacher or as a helper, please contact Lara Mokhova at, or Olga Falkowski at
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