June 17, Presentations by Svetlana Banks

Today after the Divine Liturgy our parishioner Svetlana Banks gave a presentation about the book she has written and her future writing and craft plans.

Svetlana shared about her childhood, how she came up with the idea to write her book, her spiritual journey, and what it means to love.  The gift of love brings forth creativity and opens new horizons.  When a person has love in their heart, they can do more than they thought they could.  A simple example: Sveta never knew that she would ever make soap and wax candles.  Love inspires.  But as Sveta pointed out, love is vertical.  Without descending, one cannot really ascend.  There is a profound truth in her remark.  Unless God descends into our heart, it is impossible for us to move heavenward.

Sveta’s book is available at our church library.
Svetlana Banks Presentation