New Martyrs

The Holy Fathers of Christendom said in ages past that “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.” In light of this expression, no part of the Orthodox Church has contributed more to the Faith in the last 100 years, since the Church of Russia produced in the 20th century a vast field of new martyrs and new confessors for Christ, who watered that land with their blood. Their prayers eventually freed the Russian lands from Communist control, and the awakening to Orthodoxy and faith in God that has followed constitutes a powerful force in the modern world. Find out more on our website about the new martyrs, their lives, their icons, their struggles, their miracles. Holy New-Martyrs of Russia, pray to God for us!

St. Elizabeth, the Grand-duchess and New-Martyr of Russia

Grand Duchess Elizabeth was born Her Grand Ducal Highness Princess Elisabeth Alexandra Louise Alice of Hesse and by Rhine on November 1, 1864, the second child of Grand Duke Ludwig IV and his wife, born Princess Alice of Great Britain, a daughter of Queen Victoria.  learn more

St. Nicholas II, Tsar & New-Martyr of Russia, & the Royal Family martyred

From the Special Edition of the magazine, Orthodox America, Vol.II, No.4, 1981: learn more

St. Benjamin, Metropolitan of St. Petersburg (Petrograd) & New-Martyr

What follows is a rather detailed account of the life and martyric end of the holy hieromartyr Benjamin of Petrograd. Holy Hieromartyr Benjamin, pray for us! learn more

Proto-New-Hieromartyr Vladimir of Kiev, Metropolitan (+1917)

Here follows a detailed account of the life and passion of the first Hieromartyr (martyr who was a priest or bishop) of Russia, St. Vladimir of Kiev. learn more