Our Parish

History of the Parish

Stage One

Holy Protection parish (the parish of the Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God) was founded in 2001 by Fr. Ljubomir Kupec of Houston, who is the rector of the large St. Vladimir’s Church off Tidwell in Houston, Texas. In those days, services were held two or three times per year. A parish council was formed and a beautiful chapel was erected within a single-wide trailer off the back parking lot of Halina’s European Skin Care Spa. In 2007, Fr. Cassian Sibley, rector of the Theotokos of the Life-Giving Spring parish in Bryan, Texas, began serving Liturgy once a month in this chapel. In October 2008, Fr. Aidan (Keller) began serving Liturgy regularly in the chapel. 

Stage Two

By summer of 2010, with the blessing of Archbishop Peter, we had met our goal of acquiring a permanent place of worship, and in early 2011 regular services began at the current church and Orthodox Center at 1701 Peridot Road in Pflugerville, four blocks from Austin, which we call our “Stage 2” church. In January 2012, Archbishop Peter blessed our new church and celebrated a hierarchical Liturgy with four priests and two deacons. Archbishop Peter celebrated at our church in October 2013, and is scheduled to celebrate at our church on Sunday, January 22, 2016.

Stage Three

Attendance has more than tripled since 2009, and we are faced with an urgent need for a larger building. Our goal is to acquire a very suitable piece of land, and to build upon it a church in classical Russian style within which worshipers can fit, without the need to stand outside or in the hallway or candle room. Our goal is not to simply increase in size, but to find repentance and salvation in Christ, to become men and women of prayer, to show mercy and kindness, and to keep the Law of God. As our Saviour taught us, keeping God’s commandments is the proof of our love for God. These good spiritual things are the foundation of our individual lives and our life as a parish. A moleben is held every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in which we beg the Most Holy and Most Pure Mother of God to help us attain these good goals. Then we might be found worthy to build a glorious temple.

We ask for your prayers. Our church receives zero in funding from any external source. You, our parishioners, friends, and supporters, are the exclusive source of our funding. Primarily, we invite you to strive with us to lead a God-pleasing life. Only secondarily do we appeal to you for help. May God be with you and may the protecting veil of the Holy Virgin’s prayers be over you throughout your life.