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2021 Nativity Services and Events

2021 Nativity Sunday School Activities

Thank you donors!

Thank you very much for your donations! We appreciate your generosity. We are 27% closer to our goal!

By helping us remodel and move into a new building you are helping to introduce the depth and beauty of Orthodox spirituality to a wider community and unite people to God and each other because building a church, first and foremost, is building a community.

“Building churches on earth, we are building ourselves eternal homes in Heaven. Even if the earthly churches will be destroyed, the names of the builders and benefactors are inscribed in Heaven and unceasing prayers are uttered for them”
St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco

May the holy veil of the Theotokos protect and cover you with grace.

Contract Pending for new Church Building!

We are officially under contract!!! Our Lord and the Theotokos have opened this most incredible opportunity to us, may we show ourselves worthy!

The closing date on the property is December 11th, with a tentative first Liturgy for Nativity, January 7th, 2021. We have a lot of work to do, please expect future emails about ways you can help us get out of our current building, and into our new one.

If you would like to donate to the purchase of the building, please see the links below, and share on social media: